11 Okt 2010

when selfish against patience

Here in this place I could only silence, silence, and ask questions. What should I do?
When selfish comes, I am very opposed to, I eliminate as much as possible to be patient a while longer 'just a minute'
but I'm just a human being exhausted my patience limit
God.. Is this the fate you gave to me?
situation like this what do you think is good for me?
until when selfishly continue to break through the wall of my patience?
I've tried God, I keep trying, but selfishly continued to try to block the patience that makes me ANGRY and BORED.
Please God, give the best to me. Give me peace and patience more. Amen

Actually, I already wrote this note on facebook, but I write it again now for the blog. Feelings of my heart when it was messy *July, 30 2010*