24 Jul 2011

Hibernation *flashback

Awakened from deep sleep -__-
I don't know what to think, but I do remember one thing. Yes ! Thats one thing that always makes me wonder great until today.

On that day.. a week.. and in that month.

When everyone is busy studying to prepare for the UAN (national final's exam) I was silent, thinking, and maybe cry.

But I just followed the journey until the second time it took me very far.
I'm confused what to do when this question suddenly.


Award (again, thanks again)

The Rules :

1) Make a post contain with:

* Say thank you to someone who give you this award
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Thank you so much Alexandra for the award. Really sorry.. I'm late to pick up an award that you gave me. Because of this a few months I was busy with my college.. :)

Uhm well, Alexandra is my cyber friend. Because I knew her from her blog. so she, who only know me through the blog. But she is kind, funny, smart, friendly, and fun.

Myself? I cann't describe it, but I was glad when my friends say my weakness so I can fix myself better.

And now, I'll give this award to :

sekali lagi.. (lagi) (lagi)

Kalo saya lagi addict sama sesuatu jangan heran yah bakalan saya omongin terus atau saya play terus atau saya bawa kemana-mana terus, sampai akhirnya BOSAN.
yaa BOSAN ! hahaha

Maklum dong yah namanya juga manusia kebanyakan 'abis (teh) manis, gelas (sepah) dibuang' loh?

jadii addict saya kali sama lagu, yaa nggak jauh-jauh deehh kalo nggak sama lagu pasti sama game.
2 hal itu yg bikin hidup saya lebih berwarna-warni #asikk

lagu yang kali ini saya addict-in adalah..


yaa itu dia.. Maroon 5 - Never Gonna Leave This Bed

kenapa bisa suka ca?
soalnya ENAK !


liriknya juga oke kok.. apalagi video klipnya. oh myy Kakak Adam Noah Levine *melted
enjoy all.

14 Jul 2011

Don't ignore me

I love you..

But if you wanna leave take good care, hope you make a lotta nice friends out there.

Just remember there's a lotta bad and beware.

(give up? BIG NO !!) Dont GIVE UP !!

All problems have solutions and there is no cure all ills.
Whatever we do with intention and belief, all must be facilitated by the God.
Always pray and ask Him.

I always like to hear people who have cancer say "i had cancer... but i survived!!!"

Not just for people who have cancer, but for all those who feel they are now useless. Come on, just stand up. The future is waiting for you.

Kampus = Mampus (?) 13th (?)

Saya : Mah, pijitin dong kaki aku kan abis keseleo nih masi nyeri.

Mamah : Kapan?

Saya : Minggu kemaren hari rabu.

Mamah : Dimana? kok bisa?

Saya : Kampus. Nggak tau tuh tau-tau keseleo aja..

Mamah : HAH? MAMPUS? Emg ada MAMPUS dmana?

zzzz mom pleasee -____-"

Well, minggu pertama SP tepatnya hari rabu (13/06) saya keseleo depan gerbang kampus mau pulang. Padahal lagi jalan biasa aja, tapi tau-tau keseleo aja gituu -___-
Keseimbangan saya emang jelek, ga cuma sekali dua kali lah, kalo lagi jalan biasa ajaa bisa tau-tau "kepaduk". Contohnya kaya tadi (13/07), hampir aja jatoh dari tangga mesjid gara-gara kaki saya keseleo lagii.

*kalo dipikir-pikir kok sama-sama tanggal 13 yah, kejadian keseleo-keseleonya. Wew.. Whats wrong with 13th? Semoga next nggak ada deh kejadian keseleo lagi. Amin :)