22 Mei 2010


Woow.. Long Time No See readers :p
How are you all?
Hahaha I havent updated this blog because I'm very busy to prepare for college entrance exams or normal solid on the words SNMPTN :)
Can you imagine everyday from Monday until the week I'm almost never off the lesson huhu :(
But for today I'M FREE !!! yeyy...I really appreciate how important holiday for everyone who tired to work or school
So.. Have a nice weekend all.
I will tell you about my first award given by KARIN's BLOG http://karinogata.blogspot.com/
[akhirnya gw dapet juga ikh award wkwkwk]
ini dia awardnya.. cekidot.

Sorry I havent had my friend give awards, but I promise when I went to university, I will give!!