15 Okt 2010

'Paranormal Activity 2' record the activity of other dimensions

The film Paranormal Activity is recognized as a very scary movie. Though no scenes showing off the bloody, horrible monsters, or ghosts that make you want to close my eyes, Oren Peli film claims that a duration of 86 minutes is really gripping.

And the success of this film seems to make Oren forced to make a sequel. By continuing to use the original title plus the number 2 in the rear, Paranormal Activity 2 is ready to re-provide gripping spectacle for connoisseurs of horror.

The second film, released October 22 in the U.S. starting from the first scene where the movie ends. There illustrate the existence of Katie unknown to their families thought it was Micah's lover dead.

When the younger sister Katie and her family moved into a new house, they begin to experience such horrible events experienced by Katie and Micah. Then came the question, which haunts them? Is Katie still alive? Where it is located?

You can follow to discover the mystery hidden within the trailer to read the instructions
  • On his official site, after the trailer finished playing, the baby's room, while the image appears in the mirror that there was no writing on the wall written in blood. If reversed, this article reads "What is happening to Hunter?"
  • The film itself has been published since the paranormal activity has recently circulated in 2007.
  • At the end of the trailer that was circulated, there was no baby in the room, but in the mirror on the other side of the box was not a reflection of the infant who was standing on the bed.
  • Reportedly, the trailer there is a secret image is intentionally inserted by the director.
Let you peek trailer Paranormal Activity 2, which has been circulating this. Who knows you find the answers HERE