15 Feb 2011


Hay, all my friends how are you? Wow, long time since I didn't say or write here and see you through cbox messages, such as busy as a student now so I should be able to put my college from my blog. Hehehe :p

Ok, so what should I do first? Do you have an opinion on this one?
I feel nervous and awkward to start a story here. Maybe because I have not wrote in a blog? Yes, maybe. But that's no reason for me to not write anymore here :)

Well, let us start guys..

My family..
'My father is a real unsung heroes. He was willing to sacrifice for anything for his family, he would be willing to spend energy, time, and money just for a happy family. Like my dad, he just always told me to LEARN and worship. He always says "You do not have to think about others, I only ask that you always 'learn and worship.' You keep mother and sister, surely my life will always be calm.." :') I REALLY REALLY LOVE HIM !

'My mother is a very great lady. In what way did I have to thank her? Yes, I should be good for her. If my mother was not there, I certainly do not exist in this world, I would die of starvation, and neglect. :') I REALLY REALLY LOVE HER !

'My sister is still unstable girls who like a little kid. What should I say about her? haha :D All I know, she's my sister. Although she was very annoying but I love her. When a big laugh with her that the times when I miss her. :') I REALLY REALLY LOVE MY SISTER.

and... I LOVE MY FAMILY :* :* :*

Amalia (My Sister), Yazid (My Dad), Esti (My Mom)
I'm not in that picture -___-' (let's just say I was kind enough to photograph them)