24 Jul 2011

Award (again, thanks again)

The Rules :

1) Make a post contain with:

* Say thank you to someone who give you this award
* Write about someone who give you this award
* Write about yourself
* There's a banner award and code
* Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends)
* Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox

2) Use this banner award on your blog sidebar, without change banner's code.

Thank you so much Alexandra for the award. Really sorry.. I'm late to pick up an award that you gave me. Because of this a few months I was busy with my college.. :)

Uhm well, Alexandra is my cyber friend. Because I knew her from her blog. so she, who only know me through the blog. But she is kind, funny, smart, friendly, and fun.

Myself? I cann't describe it, but I was glad when my friends say my weakness so I can fix myself better.

And now, I'll give this award to :