8 Jan 2010

NEW YEAR [late]

New Year 2010 has arrived and the year 2009 has passed.
Let us open a new page and just remember the past to learn maturity..

many stupid things i did in the year 2009 and i almost didn't feel the happiness within a year.. but from events that i can always learn to be better and could be grateful for what I have :))

want to know what these stupid things ??
ok..cekidot .
1. Selfishness that led to broken friendships :(( [tpii uda baeg'an skrng mah :))]
2. I failed to enter the state univ cause i'm lazy trait that is too big and it makes my parents very very disappointed. sorry papmam :((
3. I have a relationship with a male dating scum !!! NYESEL SUMPAH..

although only three things but enough to wake me.. that how stupid am.. i've become a failure to myself for parents and for others :((

but if not for him this problem wouldn't be finished.. he had much help in everyway and everyday he was always teaching me something positive for my progress and i feel progress is :))
thx beibh :*
thx also for mom dad sist' brotha' and friendship.. thx all :))

zZz.. NOW we enter a new step !
what i hope this year ?
cekidot maning..
1. Get a state univ 4 commn bachelor
2. Makes my parents proud
3. Meet w/ people who i neva met [especially kamu dagh yh yh ? :p]
4. Makes the people around me smile and makes them proud to knw me :))

I hope these four things that I can finish all these years !!


eternal kiss for you all . . mmoach