19 Nov 2010

about LOVE

There are things that don't want us to remove and there are people who don't want us to go. But remember, let go doesn't mean the end of the world, but the beginning of a new life.

Happiness is for those who weep.
Happiness is for those who have been injured.
Happiness is for those who have searched and tried.

Because they are able to appreciate, how important the people who have touched their lives.

Love is when you shed tears, but still cares about you.
Love is when he doesn't care about you, you are still waiting faithfully.
Love is when he began to love others and you can still smile.

If your love doesn't work, give yourself. Let your heart spread its wings and flew back to the wild again. Remember, you may find love and lose it. But when love is turned off, you do not have to die with him.

People who are strong not the ones who always win at everything, but they are still hard when they fall.
Somehow, in the course of your life, you will learn about yourself and someday you will realize that there should be no regrets in your life. Only a lasting appreciation of the life choices you've made that should exist in your life.

When you said to leave him, maybe he'll go for a while, giving you time to calm down. But at that moment, his heart will never leave you, and when he is away from you, he will always pray with tears.

More dangerous shed tears at the heart rather than the tears that come out of our eyes. Tears came out of our eyes can be removed, while the hidden tears that will scratch the wound in your heart that scar will never disappear.

There are times where you have to stop loving someone, not because people stop loving us or because he doesn't care about us. But when we realize that people would be happier if we let him go. But if you really love someone, don't we let go easily.
Fight for your love “Fight for your dreams
That is true love. Unlike the principle of “Easy come easy go
Better to wait for the person you really want rather than walk along the “available”.
Better to wait for someone you love than someone who “around you
Better to wait for the right person, because life is too precious and too short to be disposed of only “a person who is not true

Sometimes, someone you love is the person most hurt you, but the pain made it as a lesson for you love him with a sincere heart even hurt.

Utterance that comes out of someone's mouth may be truth or lies. We can say anything with our mouths. But the hearts and our feelings won't be lying.